Motorcycle and Scooter Engineering

Our company’s specializations have been increasing in step with the growth of our team – both in terms of size and skills. Since 2010 SEAS has been offering engineering and design services for motorcycles and scooters.

By partnering with complementary companies our engineers provide a complete service including market research, product strategy, benchmarking analysis, concept design and rendering. More in detail:

  • pre-engineering and systems integration
  • bodywork feasibility analysis 
  • mathematical definitions of parts
  • 3D CAD studies
  • detail engineering and 2D assemblies
  • assembly diagrams and flow charts, BOMs
  • project management

From concept to production

Our work in close cooperation with motorcycle manufacturers and design studios focuses on product engineering. As with cars, SEAS designs the bodywork and finish of production vehicles consistently with the product concept to ensure maximum safety, performance and drivability.

At SEAS we can meet any need, promptly addressing any design requirements and reducing delivery times.

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