SEAS has over 25 years of experience in engineering cars, motorcycles and scooters for car and motorcycle manufacturers.
Our expertise ranges from bodywork – interiors and exteriors – to two-wheeled vehicle engineering and product design.

We specialize in the engineering of one-off vehicles, ultra-limited series, large-scale production, motorcycles and scooters.

Every project is special to us. Some are unique.

A story of high standards

Since 1998 we’ve been active in the automotive, transportation design and product design areas, supporting leading car manufacturers in developing ambitious projects.

Over more than two decades the SEAS team has grown to include professionals with unparalleled expertise, and today boasts one of the world’s most highly specialized teams in one-off and ultra-limited series engineering.

In addition, the experience and skills acquired over time enable our company to handle even the most complex challenges in terms of innovation, research, feasibility and engineering, exceeding the highest expectations with top-notch, cutting-edge solutions.

Engineering culture, excellence and quality of detail

Our top-level engineering culture, the attention and care we put into the smallest details combined with our continuous pursuit of excellence ensure high-quality results as well as an exclusive driving experience for our customers.

In our work providing superior services to the most advanced automotive companies we have acquired comprehensive knowledge of a wide range of methodologies – but it’s our approach that makes us your ideal partner to successfully bring the most complex projects to completion.

Problem solving

Facing challenges by pushing the boundaries of our solutions and building on the solid foundations of our engineering culture

Creative power

The creative power that comes from our close relationship with leading design centers


An unceasing desire to innovate. This is what drives us to keep up with cutting-edge technologies and advanced processes

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Our engineers are always ready to accept a design challenge. And they know how to handle it quickly and efficiently.