Superior Level
Engineering Studio
for cars and motorcycles

For over 25 years, SEAS has been turning the boldest automotive projects into reality.

SEAS is verticalized in ultra-limited series engineering, medium- and large-scale production engineering and motorcycle and scooter engineering. We routinely partner world-renowned brands setting the standard in style and driving experience.
Our expertise in car, motorcycle and scooter engineering, 25+ year experience in the business and obsessive attention to effectiveness, material quality and performance and optimal overall balance enable SEAS to ensure the best results every time.

Production vehicles, limited series vehicles, hypercars and one-off vehicles

We develop product lines for the mainstream market or for sophisticated connoisseurs looking for a car that reflects their personality and meets their needs, both in terms of performance and driving feeling and in terms of look.
SEAS’s story is the story of a family that has always had a very specific goal – to achieve and exceed excellence, never settling for anything less. 

Our team of expert engineers has grown over time based on strict selection criteria. All our technicians are prepared to tackle any kind of challenge in a quick, efficient way. A dedicated team is assigned to each project, working on the concept and design provided by the car manufacturer or to customer specifications – including private individuals – to create top-quality cars and motorcycles. 

A small, cohesive team with top-level skills

Ever since its foundation, our company has been pursuing excellence in quality.

For this purpose, right from the outset we have built a highly select team bringing together top-notch skills into a small group of professionals working closely together to achieve common goals.
Today, SEAS boasts one of the world’s most highly specialized teams in one-off and ultra-limited series engineering.  

In recent years, SEAS engineers have developed more than 30 ULSP projects in cooperation with world-class automotive brands for a total of over 80,000 work hours a year, proving capable of tackling any kind of design challenge and reducing delivery times.

Vehicle engineering:
strategy, design and industrialization

Our superior expertise in the engineering of ultra-limited series and one-off vehicles allows SEAS to also offer top-level services in medium- and large-scale production engineering – and vice-versa.
Thanks to our team’s skills, each project benefits from top-level professional know-how coupled with extensive experience in the field.

Since 2010, SEAS has been serving the motorcycle industry with the same high quality standards, in partnership with design studios complementing our specific expertise.

All this enables our company to face high complexity levels in terms of:

Original content
and solutions

delivery times

Interpretation of
stylistic solutions

product quality

We concretize your ideas

We’ll be happy to review your project and carry it out together.