Engineering for the automotive industry

Since its foundation in 1998, SEAS has been partnering world-class car manufacturers that have made and still shape the history of the automotive industry, influencing techniques, aesthetics, style, trends, innovation, performance and driving experience.

Based on customers’ requests, our drive for innovation and better performance pushes our solutions beyond traditional limits while keeping them firmly grounded in our company’s practical knowledge of engineering culture gained over many years of experience. 

In addition, our close relationship with the best design centers stimulates the SEAS engineering team’s creativity and customization skills, while exposure to and constant search for the latest technologies keeps our work team up-to-date and at the forefront of the industry.

Engineering services for the automotive industry

One-Off and Few-Off Engineering

SEAS specializes in developing custom-built projects. We have a dedicated team dealing exclusively with one-off vehicle, limited series luxury car, show car and prototype engineering.


Every detail and content in the vehicle is designed to perfection for a pleasant as well as efficient look&feel.

Production Car

Our 25+ years of experience enables SEAS engineers to design bodywork and finish for reliable, safe designer production vehicles.

Independence, experience and short delivery times

One of our distinctive features is that we’re completely independent throughout the entire process from design to testing, which relieves customers from having to manage the

SEAS leverages its extensive expertise to meet even the most extreme design requirements by applying different technologies to standard and premium materials – all with a short turnaround time.

As regards ULSP Engineering, SEAS offers the following services:

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Each member of the work team devotes their skills and expertise to all of the projects in the pipeline in a flexible way.